DBTechNet is an initiative of European education institutions and IT-companies to set up a transnational collaboration scheme of higher level educational establishments, IT enterprises and vocational training centres who will collaborate in order to achieve a three-fold goal, namely:
  • Developing public educational/training material and references, including free VM based laboratories and tutorials, on database/data access technologies
  • Design and develop virtual workshop type course modules on selected database topics that will address the wide spectrum of new trends, backed by online support from a network of educational and IT professional experts
  • Promote entrepreneurship by developing a business plan of operation, which will make it possible for the collaboration scheme in question to evolve into a self-sustained consortium that will function within the new emerging reality of education and vocational training in today’s information and communication technology driven society.

The Web is the standard computing platform for the development of new generation information systems. The emergence of new applications (analytical and knowledge discovery software, portals, transactional Web services, etc.) drives the search for more robust and scalable tools to support data management running on the Internet.

 Themes in 2015-2018

Conference papers on "Big Live Data" with reliable real-time updates

Developing the tutorial Introduction to Transaction Programming
and new edition of the Debian Linux based virtual laboratory of DBTechNet

 Actions in 2014

SQL-transaktiot -seminaari (in Finnish), 22 October, Helsinki Business College - ICT Campus, luokka w130, Hattulantie 2, 00550 Helsinki, Finland, at 12:00-16:00.

SQL Transactions and Stored Routines seminars
at Reutlingen University, Reutlingen, Germany , on November 3-4 at 9-16

SQL Transactions seminar , on 18 November at 9-16 in Malaga University, Malaga, Spain

SQL-transaktiot -workshop (in Finnish), 18 March, Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu - JAMK University of Applied Sciences, D327, Finland, at 12:15-15:45.

SQL TransactionAlWays (in English) One-day workshop on SQL Transactions, Thursday 10 April 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece

SQL Transactions workshop (in English), Friday 16 May 2014, IT College, Tallinn, Estonia

 DBTechNet Projects

DBTech VET, October 2012 - December 2014. The project is partly funded by The European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

The aim of the project is to renew the teaching of database technologies in VET (vocational education and training) institutes that it will be based on the current and real needs of ICT industry in Europe, and so that teaching meets the European wide standard of a pedagogical approach. The produced materials will be adaptable in all partner countries and translated into national languages. Training of the VET teachers will be done with the systems used by working life and they are taught to guide students to learning by verifying.  

DOWNLOAD the eBook  "SQL Transactions - Theory and hands-on exercises"
Handbook in English
Handbook in Estonian
Handbook in Finnish
Handbook in Greek
Handbook in Russian
Handbook in Spanish

THEN DOWNLOAD and install the free self-study and training package for the DBTechLab as follows:
1.  First, download the PDF-document  Quick Start to the DebianDB Database Laboratory
2.  Then, following the instructions under 'Installing the Lab' in the document,
     download and install   the DBTechLab (version "DebianDB VM 6")
3.  Get the script files for the lab exercises from the ZIP file

Additional (background) educational and training materials on the topic of Database Transactions are available

Database Transactions Summit 2013 , 4 September, Helsinki, Finland.
Antoni Wolski:     Who needs transactions anymore?
Monty WideniusThe MySQL-MariaDB story
Dimitris Dervos:   Introduction to DBTech VET Virtual Lab and SQL Transactions

DBTech EXT, January 2009 - December 2010. The project was partly funded by EC LLP Transversal Programme.

For public project deliverables, see DBTechNet Virtual Laboratory Workshops and DBTechNet Portal.

DBTech Pro, December 2002 - May 2005. The project was partly funded by European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

DBTech Survey, 1997. The project was partly funded by European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

DBTechNet Collaborative Partners

Alexander Technology Educational Institute (ATEI), Thessaloniki, Greece
Altec Group/UNISOFT S.A., Thessaloniki, Greece
Business Databases Oy, Helsinki, Finland
Centro del Profesorado de Málaga, Spain
HAAGA-HELIA, University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki Business College, Helsinki, Finland
IES Campanillas, Spain
IES Guadalpin, Spain
ISAIP-ESAIP, Angers, France
Novasoft Corporación Empresarial S.L., Spain
Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Helsinki, Finland
Reutlingen University, Business & Information Science, Reutlingen, Germany
Tallinna Polütehnikum, Estonia
Tieto GMR Oyj, Finland
Technological Educational Institution of Athens, Greece
University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece
University of Málaga, Málaga, Spain
University of the West of Scotland (UWS), Paisley, United Kingdom
Top vendors of DBMS software: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase among others

DBTechNet Activities

  • 1997 DBTech Survey project, funded by European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Programme.
  • 1998 April, Guest lectures in Helia by Dr. Dimitris Dervos from T.E.I. of Thessaloniki, Greece
    • "IC_Wars", a seminar on data normalization.
    • "S-Index: A Data Structure for Text Retrieval".
  • 1998 December, International DB-days at University of Karlskrona/Ronneby (Soft Center), Sweden
    • Guest lectures from top database experts as: Joe Celko, David Jordan, Martin Rennhackkamp among others.
    • Presentations of student projects, supervised by DBTechNet partners and essays revised by Thomas Connolly, David Jordan, Nelson King, David Lintchicum, Jim Melton, Ken North, Dennis Shasha, Herb Sutter among others.
  • 1999 October, Joe Celko in Helia
  • 2000 June, Joe Celko in Helia
    • SQL for Smarties - Advanced SQL Programming.
  • 2001 April, Guest lectures in T.E.I. of Thessaloniki by Kari Silpiö from Helia
    • Java Web Applications and Databases
  • 2001 May, 1st International DBTechNet Workshop in Reutlingen, Germany
    • Web Architectures, XML, and Database Technologies
  • 2001 May/June, Guest lectures in T.E.I. of Thessaloniki, Greece, by Jaakko Rantanen from HAMK
    • Accessing Databases with Java Server Pages
  • 2001 December, 2nd International DBTechNet Workshop  in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • 2002 March, DBTechNet event:
  • 2002 December to 2005 May:
    • DBTech Pro project, partly funded by European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Programme
  • 2003 November, International DBTech Pro Workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece.
    • Database Administration & Database Access
  • 2004 May, International DBTech Pro Workshop in Malaga, Spain.
    • Database Design
  • 2004 November, International DBTech Pro Workshop in Reutlingen, Germany.
    • Data Warehousing & Data Mining
  • 2005 April, International DBTech Pro Workshop in Helsinki, Finland.
    • XML and Databases
  • 2009 January to 2010 December:
    • DBTech EXT project, partly funded by EC LLP Transversal Programme
  • 2009 September, International DBTech EXT Workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece.
    • Database Modeling and Semantics
  • 2010 May, International DBTech EXT Workshop in Malaga, Spain.
    • Database Access Patterns and Object-Relational mapping
  • 2010 November, International DBTech EXT Workshop in Helsinki, Finland.
    • Distributed and Replicated Databases
    • Mobile and Embedded Databases
  • 2010 November, DBTech Symposium in Helsinki, Finland.
              New Technology Trends and Challenges for the Database Professional
              - Challenges for Database Education
  • 2012 May 28-29, DBTech Days 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.
    • Brush Up of Database Technologies with IBM
    • A Day with Chris Date
  • 2012 December, DBTechNet - 15 Years of Excellence in Database Teaching: Festschrift
  • 2013 September 4, Database Transactions Summit 2013 in Helsinki, Finland
  • 2014 April 10, SQL TransactionAlWays workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2014 November 3-4, SQL Transactions and Stored Routines seminars at Reutlingen University, Reutlingen, Germany
  • 2018 September 17-19, Internal workshop at Reutlingen University, Reutlingen, Germany
  • In addition: regular meetings, international lecturer and student exchange between educational partners.

  • DBTechNet is committed to address the need for developing a new educational standard on database technologies.

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