DBTechNet seminars as part of the 30 years Anniversary of
Business Informatics Department of Reutlingen University,
Reutlingen, Germany

SQL Transactions
seminar, on Monday 3 November at 9-16

         Introduction to SQL Transactions, selected slides

         Guided tour to DBTechLab6 (DebianDB VM6) of DBTechNet

         Hands-on exercises using MySQL in DBTechLab6 folder ./Transactions

         Phantoms and Ghosts in Snapshot isolation

         (SQL Transactions Handbook )

Stored Routines in Transaction Context seminar, on Tuesday 4 November at 9-16

         Introduction to Oracle DBMS and PL/SQL

         Introduction to Stored Routines : Procedures, Functions and Triggers

         Stored Routines Hands-on experimenting using DB2, Oracle and MySQL in DBTechLab6

         ( Stored Routines tutorial: SQL/PSM and implementations)